Mason Dyer

Mason Dyer is a true DIY master, all while being one of the humblest guys you will ever meet. Based in Oceanside, California, Mason is a surfboard shaper, car tinkerer and clothing designer.Heavily influenced by the style and function of time gone by, he has a passion for shaping high quality custom surfboards and U.S made apparel.

Find Him:
Shaping custom surfboards, sorting through vintage clothing or working on his Model A Roadster.

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About Mason:
He has more talent than you can poke a wrench/fin/sewing needle at. He runs his own business, shapes surfboards, collects WWII nostalgia and spends his downtime working on cars. Mason has a passion for quality and functionality, something that isn't as easy to find as it used to be.

Signature Style:
Mason' sports a side-part with a small pomp held in place with Matt Pomade, but from time to time he likes to change it up, and use some Featherweight.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
Everything Mason does draws inspiration from the craftsmanship and quality of yesteryear, which he combines with modern day functionality. That's something that can't be forged, it's been learnt, practised and developed through trial and era and hard work!